Thursday, August 6, 2009

Win NAILENE™ French Manicure kits

Have you ever wanted your nails to look like you've had a professional manicure done, but without the big costs?
See, you're not alone, I love having my nails done. I just don't have the budget these days to get them done lol.
This is where Nailene comes in! I absolutely love their products. They look great, actually Nailene looks professional and best of all, Nailene lasts! They're extremely simple to use, they're quick and they also have truly beautiful designs. They're French Manicure Products truly do give professional salon results! Even for me lol, and believe me, I'm not all that skilled at doing anything with my nails lol. I actually also love their little nail art stickers!
The ones with the little rhinestones in them truly give your finger nails, as well as your toenails that "I didn't do this myself" look!

Anyway, yesterday I received my French Manicure e-mail blast from Nailene, in which they talked about their new Sweepstakes! So hurry up, check out this link and

Enter for a chance to win
NAILENE products!

Enter for your chance to win WIN NAILENE™ French Manicure kits and other fantastic NAILENE® products and a $50.00
Wal-Mart gift card – a prize package
worth $250.00.

Sweepstakes begins August 1st
and ends October 31st, 2009 at 5:00pm PST.

Let's get some beautiful nails girls!


beetlejuice said...

OMGOSH i love Nailene! They're the best, I don't use anything else! Thanks for posting about this contest!!! Entering right away :D

Tiffany said...

I love having made up nails entering the sweepstakes.