Friday, July 31, 2009

1751! OMG, you have got to be kidding me!

No I'm not talking about the time 17:51 right now. Or the amount of visible stars at night, nor the number of songs on my iPod.
No, I'm talking about the number of emails that I just came to when I opened my windows live Mail. Seriously, I mean do spammers really have nothing better to do all day, than to look throughout the internet and gather a bunch of email addresses just so that they can plague us with this ridiculous amount of junk mail?? Well obviously not lol! I am certain there's at least 30 or so important emails or well emails from real people anyways :) So that only leaves me around oh let's say 1720 give or take 100 or so to weed through lol! Not really complaining or anything here, hell who are we kidding, YES I am complaining. And what a joke it is to block said spammers from your email account, it's not like they ever actually send anything from the same email twice :) (insert my rolling eye smiley here again!)
I think I will just wait until tomorrow or Sunday to go through that un****believeable amount of emails, than again, at which point it will probably have doubled or tripled.
I would love to use my spam control, but of course it seems to only weed out the real emails, none of the spam ones, so I've simply given up on it, and turned it off, in case anyone wondered, yes i did have one lol. What are you using for spam control? If so is it any good? I sure would love to get a good reliable anti spam program!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beta Testers for Pogo!

We all know this link wont be valid for long. Every here and there Pogo looks for Beta Testers for some of the new games that they're about to bring out. This usually only lasts for about a week or so, before they pull the application form. So hurry up, sign into your Pogo and fill out that app!
Click here to become a Pogo Beta Tester!

And before I forget, for all you pogo lovers, here's the best deal I've been able to find on a combo of three of their games, on CD. And yes, you can earn tokens and JP's with these games ;)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chicken And Dumplings, Yummy!

So here in the past few days, I keep feeling like I'm going to come down with something like a summer cold or at least something to those effects lol. Sore throat, caugh, mild misery. You name it cold related and I've got it right now. Either way, apparently it's making me crave comfort foods! Yummy, I mean who out there doesn't have foods that just by smelling them they make you feel better:).
Yep, so for tonight's dinner I made Chicken and Dumplings. Hmm, I haven't had that in quite some time and just knew once I'd get to eat some I'd feel better lol.
The upper picture is what it looks like in the pot, not too neat yeah i know but hey, comfort food isn't about the way it looks, it's about how it tastes, right ;)
Most people like they're Chicken and Dumplings a bit more soupy, but hubby and I love the creamer version.
This picture right here is what my little bowl looked like lol. And yes, I absolutely do feel better now. At least for the time being lol. And all that I can really think of now, is tomorrow's left overs haha!

I guess for now I should get done with this post, because I really need to get to Pogo, it's Wednesday! Badge day lol. Gotta get my new ones :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cats and Bamboo and Jalapeno Beef and Corn Bread Pie

I promise I'll get more consistent and better at this blog thing lol.
First things first again, my lucky bamboo wasn't quite so lucky, I found out that my cat, really loves the little green leaves on it, so I've had to doctor it up a bit and cut some of its chewed on leaves off completely :( Since i've moved my lucky bamboo Hammerhead, our evil lil' cat now seems to be eyeballing my spiderplant baby. I am not a happy camper with him lol and think before long in order to keep him and i from having war, i will have to move my plants into the bathroom!

Anyways, now that i'm done partially venting about the cat and plant mishap, on to yummier things lol.
What you having for dinner tonight? I was trying to think of something to make that would use up some of my homegrown Jalapeno's and decided to make a Jalapeno Beef and Corn Bread Pie! Yummy it smells so good. There's a picture of a couple of my lil' Jalapenos that I'm growing lol. Hopefully if i don't forget or well if it doesn't disappear to quickly, I'll take a picture of the pie so you all will get to see it too. Don't forget to let me know what you're making. And i would love some ideals of what to do with all the extra jalapenos that I'm gonna have!!

So here it is lol! My Jalapeno Beef and Corn Bread Pie! This is what it looks like whole. I would normaly cook something like this in a cast iron skillet but i don't have one anymore:(

And here is a picture of what it looks like cut. You can even see some pieces of the cut jalapeno if you look close lol. Sorry for the bad quality of photos, but my cam just decided to kill of the batteries it had in it, so all i was left with was my cell lol.