Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vet visit

Out of all the things I did have on my agenda today, a vet visit wasn't one of them. This afternoon, our Dobe Diago was chasing after his basketball outside and then, came back to me with a limp! Of course I right away figured he had done found the one single piece of glass in my yard, that I'm 99% certain doesn't exist lol, but no, what he did was rip one of his lil' toenails "almost" completely down to the quick :(
He was not a happy camper, neither was I of course. I brought him right back inside and checked to see if I could do anything for him. Since he didn't rip the nail off all the way, it stuck straight out to the side and I knew it needed to be clipped off. So I called for Billy whom was outside "gossiping" with the neighbors lol, I told him in a complete frenzy that Diago got hurt outside, there's bloody paw-prints all over the house and he has to fix it all NOW! Of course, he comes right to our rescue, gets the clippers that we have for doggy nails, I grab a leash in hopes of attempting to muzzle Diago (believe me we know this is going to hurt, and any dog is going to be a bit unhappy and unfriendly when they're in pain) and we get started. All Billy did, was touch Diagos nail and that was that lol, he yanked loose from me, growled at the both of us, and than continued to sit on the couch pouting.
Do you know what the stink eye is? It's an expression my friend and I use, when our dogs, give us that funny look. The one that says, "oh yeah, come closer and mess with me again and see what will happen".
Either way, Diago gave Billy and me both a serious stink eye lol. He tilted his head back and just let those lil slants of a doberman eyes do all the talking for him!
Needless to say, we both decided at that point that we're completely out of our league here!
I called our vet, told the receptionist that I had one of my dogs break his nail off partially, that it was bleeding a lot and that it needed to have the rest clipped off. The receptionist told me, they didn't have any appointments open, but of course we're more then welcome to come up there and see if they can squeeze us in.
When we got there our vet and her tech, which by the way love Diago lol, made sure they got us in within about 10 minutes of us being there. It was absolutely horrible :( First of they had to muzzle him with not just one, but two muzzles. Let me tell you something it's not very easy to muzzle a doberman, not because he wouldn't let us, its just simply due to the shape of their heads. The muzzles tend to just slip straight over. Anyway, They put something resembling a tourniquet around Diagos leg, and then went straight for the clippers. At this point Diago was still fine, but once they went to codorize the wound, Diago completely went off his hinges! He started wriggling around, almost bucking I guess. It took Billy, me, the tech and the vet to hold him. He definitely used every bit of his 125lbs! The amazing thing of course is, that as soon as the muzzles came off, Diago was best friends with the tech, whom done all this to him, again. Everything got finished off with a shot of anti inflammatory a big bandage and we got send on our way.
As I type this now, Diago is piled up in the bedroom with Billy, soaking up all the extra attention he can get out of this lol.
It truly just amazes me though, just how forgiving dogs can be. I mean even though this had to be done and there was no way around it, they sure don't know how to hold a grudge. Maybe he really does know, that in the long run it was all to help him, and make him feel better. Poor baby though, there's nothing worse than seeing one of our dogs in pain, for any reason!
All I can say is, always check your dogs nails, and make sure they don't get too long. How we missed this one is beyond me, all of his other nails were normal length, but this one was at least twice the length it should have been. I know, shame on me, but we really did miss it somehow. Guaranteed that wont be happening again!
Now that all that's said and done I'm gonna get back to some of the things I did have planned for today lol.
You all have a good night :)