Friday, August 29, 2008

In love with the LG Dare!

Ok, I know I'm late in posting about this, but my, I have found my new love lol. The LG Dare is great, everything I had expected and then some! I will review it within a week or so, just to make sure I've had it long enough to actually give a truthful review. I can say this though, I've read on a lot of other sites that the touchscreen isn't as responsive as they would like, but I had no problems with it. I did recalibrate the screen ones and after that it's been working wonderfully! The Qwerty that comes up when holding your phone sideways, is what I was worried about the most. I thought there's no way that I could touch the right keys with my fingertips. But I was amazed in how well LG has worked that out. You can keep your finger on the screen until you get to the letter you want to use, then move your finger off the screen and voila! All in all the phone is great! I'll also post the pictures of the phone as well as of some of it's features here shortly.
For now we're waiting to see what Gustav will day. I might be without power for a little while should it come this way, so we'll say. Don't dispare though, the review will happen soon. Now all I need is a case for the phone and a bluetooth earpiece, than I'll be all set. And not to forget, again with this new phone I have reception inside my house, which I've never had with any previous cellphone provider, before switching to Verizon. Go Verizon, I'm happy with ya.

I'm going to get back to my new love for now, so I can get it all checked out!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Help with Baby Name

Ok, so here is the dilemma, my friend is pregnant and she just found out that she's having a baby girl, first of Congrats Megan and Jason!! And now back to the dilemma lol. Her hubby wants to name her Charles. Not as first name, but he wants the name to be a second name. Of course now they can't come up with any kind of fitting combination, so I figured why not ask on here if anyone else has any suggestions. She's looking for a feminin first name since well Charles is far from feminin lol. He's also not up for any variations of Charles, like Charlie or anything like that. The name has to have Charles as the second name! Any suggestions are welcome and well needed lol! " Oh yeah, and we still have a few months for this!

LG Dare

So I have been dying for a brand new phone with some actual "features" lol. Well, yesterday hubby decided that it was time for my upgraded phone!! I was still using the free phone that we got with our contract through Verizon, which by the way didn't even have games on it!! Well, come Thursday I will be the proud owner of the new LG Dare that's being sent to my house as we speak! I am so excited!! I absolutely love electronics, anything electronic lol. And I can hardly wait to try out the features on my new phone. Oh yeah with internet access of course. I'll also post some pics of it as soon as I get it, and will let everyone know how well or (hopefully not) how bad it works lol.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I am a Winner!!

in the 2008 Saratoga Sweepstakes! I am not just a winner I am a first prize winner! And without further ado, here is what I received in my mailbox about ten minutes ago lol. 1St prize is a T-Shirt. It'a probably the biggest XL T-Shirt I've ever seen, but that's ok, I'm not complaining, if nothing else, it will make for a really comfy night-shirt.
Also in the mail today I received a $15 iTunes card. No clue where it came from but hey again, not complaining, I'm pretty happy with my mailday! Now I can go and buy the Stephen Lynch album, I've been eyeing on there.

Dogs in heat!

You know I am sure you've seen plenty of the bumper stickers or posts online or anywhere else in that matter that simply state : "Please neuter and spay your pets!". Well now, I am an animal lover and totally agree with this statement. Now ask me, please do. Are all of your pets spayed and neutered? While I go stand in the corner with my head bowed down let me answer you my big fat NO! Why you ask? Well, simply enough used to it was a money thing, I always thought it was just too expensive to get done. Secondly, all my animals are inside animals, when they go into heat, and let me rephrase the "they" no, since I only have one female dog; but, when she goes into heat, believe me no one comes near her. About four months ago, China my chow/ridgeback mix, went into heat. Everything was fine, heat came, heat saw, heat left. Now let me explain about Taco, my neutered male horndog Chihuahua. As most of you all know, female dogs go into heat oh about every six month. Well not around Taco apparently. Starting about a week ago, he started driving China crazy, and literally pushed her into heat!! ARGH During the last heat, hubby and I both decided we were getting China "fixed". Well after a call to our vet, he informed us that the date he had available for us, he wouldn't be in the following weekend and would prefer not to spay a dog of her size. Due to the complications that she could have. China just as of this year has finally been seizure free, but he still had some worries. So anyways, hubby and I discussed it and we both chickened out. Yeah, we're scared to get her fixed now lol. Right now in my still yet sleep deprived state, I have come up with the reason of why she's not spayed! ]I AM GLUTEN FOR PUNISHMENT! Have you ever been in a house with 4 male dogs a male cat while the female dog is in heat? Oh I promise it's a treat. If my hubby and Diago wasn't going to keep me up with their snoring tonight. I am sure they all could've kept be up with the constant whinning. And just to add two of the boys are fixed, as well as the male cat he's fixed too. Does it matter you ask? Nope not even for the cat lol. Here is where I would insert the rolling eyes smiley, if I knew how to use this whole blog thing yet lol. Anyways; I think I'm about to run off, and try my luck at some instant wins, it's in the middle of the night and maybe luck is on my site! Don't know what I'm talking bout? Comment me and I'll tell ya lol. Oh wait, before i do run off; don't forget! Please spay and neuter your pets ;)

Dogs and Cats, Snoring and Rain and everything in between

Well here we are, this is my very first attempt at a blog, and honestly I'm almost scared lol. I have no ideal as to what I'm doing, nor do I have the slightest ideal as to what to write about.
Frankly I guess this blog will be about any and everything. That's right, after all it's my blog and I can do with it whatever I want to lol. There probably wont be to much said on my part tonight, since I am completely sleep deprived due to one sleeping hubby and one of the sleeping dogs. I guess the little bit of boredom that I felt tonight while looking up at the ceiling, listening to the remnants of Fay coming through, without coming anywhere near the thought of sleep, at least drove me to taking the leap on trying my hand at this whole blog phenomenon that seems to be taking over EVERYTHING and EVERYONE lol. If you ever see me talk about something and you agree, hey comment me, I'd love to see what you think. If you ever see something you don't agree with, go away! No just kidding, comment as well. I wanna know good or bad. At least this way I might learn how to work this whole blog thing!