Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Help with Baby Name

Ok, so here is the dilemma, my friend is pregnant and she just found out that she's having a baby girl, first of Congrats Megan and Jason!! And now back to the dilemma lol. Her hubby wants to name her Charles. Not as first name, but he wants the name to be a second name. Of course now they can't come up with any kind of fitting combination, so I figured why not ask on here if anyone else has any suggestions. She's looking for a feminin first name since well Charles is far from feminin lol. He's also not up for any variations of Charles, like Charlie or anything like that. The name has to have Charles as the second name! Any suggestions are welcome and well needed lol! " Oh yeah, and we still have a few months for this!


Anonymous said...

How about Angelina Charles, that sounds like a girls name.

Anonymous said...

HEY this is Megan...We thought about Isabella which is really pretty, but I am really weird about my names. My whole family's names is 2 sylabls(sp?) ending in N. Jason, Megan, Dylan, JAzmyn...I wanted Morgan or Ravyn...maybe even Madysin or something. HE is just being difficult! Angelina is pretty but with my obsession with Mrs. Pitt...dont' think he'll let that fly! Thanks for any and all suggestions!! HELP!!!!

Anonymous said...

HI Megan
How are You? I think so too about Angelina,but it is already so a used Name in a few years, there will be 20 girls in one class with the same name lol.
How about Carolyn Charles.

Hope everything goes good!Good Luck

(Meli's Mom)

babycull said...

SAMANTHA CHARLES ... was the first thing that popped in my head. It almost sounds like an actresses name so she'd be all set if she becomes famous. (She could just drop the last name.)