Monday, August 25, 2008

Dogs and Cats, Snoring and Rain and everything in between

Well here we are, this is my very first attempt at a blog, and honestly I'm almost scared lol. I have no ideal as to what I'm doing, nor do I have the slightest ideal as to what to write about.
Frankly I guess this blog will be about any and everything. That's right, after all it's my blog and I can do with it whatever I want to lol. There probably wont be to much said on my part tonight, since I am completely sleep deprived due to one sleeping hubby and one of the sleeping dogs. I guess the little bit of boredom that I felt tonight while looking up at the ceiling, listening to the remnants of Fay coming through, without coming anywhere near the thought of sleep, at least drove me to taking the leap on trying my hand at this whole blog phenomenon that seems to be taking over EVERYTHING and EVERYONE lol. If you ever see me talk about something and you agree, hey comment me, I'd love to see what you think. If you ever see something you don't agree with, go away! No just kidding, comment as well. I wanna know good or bad. At least this way I might learn how to work this whole blog thing!