Monday, August 25, 2008

Dogs in heat!

You know I am sure you've seen plenty of the bumper stickers or posts online or anywhere else in that matter that simply state : "Please neuter and spay your pets!". Well now, I am an animal lover and totally agree with this statement. Now ask me, please do. Are all of your pets spayed and neutered? While I go stand in the corner with my head bowed down let me answer you my big fat NO! Why you ask? Well, simply enough used to it was a money thing, I always thought it was just too expensive to get done. Secondly, all my animals are inside animals, when they go into heat, and let me rephrase the "they" no, since I only have one female dog; but, when she goes into heat, believe me no one comes near her. About four months ago, China my chow/ridgeback mix, went into heat. Everything was fine, heat came, heat saw, heat left. Now let me explain about Taco, my neutered male horndog Chihuahua. As most of you all know, female dogs go into heat oh about every six month. Well not around Taco apparently. Starting about a week ago, he started driving China crazy, and literally pushed her into heat!! ARGH During the last heat, hubby and I both decided we were getting China "fixed". Well after a call to our vet, he informed us that the date he had available for us, he wouldn't be in the following weekend and would prefer not to spay a dog of her size. Due to the complications that she could have. China just as of this year has finally been seizure free, but he still had some worries. So anyways, hubby and I discussed it and we both chickened out. Yeah, we're scared to get her fixed now lol. Right now in my still yet sleep deprived state, I have come up with the reason of why she's not spayed! ]I AM GLUTEN FOR PUNISHMENT! Have you ever been in a house with 4 male dogs a male cat while the female dog is in heat? Oh I promise it's a treat. If my hubby and Diago wasn't going to keep me up with their snoring tonight. I am sure they all could've kept be up with the constant whinning. And just to add two of the boys are fixed, as well as the male cat he's fixed too. Does it matter you ask? Nope not even for the cat lol. Here is where I would insert the rolling eyes smiley, if I knew how to use this whole blog thing yet lol. Anyways; I think I'm about to run off, and try my luck at some instant wins, it's in the middle of the night and maybe luck is on my site! Don't know what I'm talking bout? Comment me and I'll tell ya lol. Oh wait, before i do run off; don't forget! Please spay and neuter your pets ;)


Anonymous said...

I don't have any of my kitties "fixed". We were gonna get the oldest fixed until we realized she can't carry kittens full-term anymore so there's really no point. The middle child is so bad when she's in heat, but has health problems and it wouldn't be a good idea. We are still thinking of getting the youngest done. But that's up to my sister.

prplrush said...

Is the youngest a boy or girl? When we got our male cat well, TomCat lol we had to get him fixed. He was already around 5 years old and I believe he would've sprayed every single thing in my house, stationary or not lmao.

Anonymous said...

Luckily the youngest is female! I've had un"fixed" male kitties and they about drove me insane with spraying. LOL