Tuesday, August 26, 2008

LG Dare

So I have been dying for a brand new phone with some actual "features" lol. Well, yesterday hubby decided that it was time for my upgraded phone!! I was still using the free phone that we got with our contract through Verizon, which by the way didn't even have games on it!! Well, come Thursday I will be the proud owner of the new LG Dare that's being sent to my house as we speak! I am so excited!! I absolutely love electronics, anything electronic lol. And I can hardly wait to try out the features on my new phone. Oh yeah with internet access of course. I'll also post some pics of it as soon as I get it, and will let everyone know how well or (hopefully not) how bad it works lol.

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Vicki and Noel said...

Wow, I am sooo jealous! Our phones are about on their last legs. My battery is shot, DD#1 has hers held together with medical tape and DD#2 can only talk on hers when it's on speaker phone! lol Enjoy your new gadget!