Thursday, August 13, 2009

Harajuku Lovers G

For starters today, just wanted to let everyone know, that as of this morning, Diago is back to his usual rambunctious self! It's like nothing ever happened. Other then the fact that he's a bit mad at Billy and I, because we wont kick his ball outside right now, and he doesn't get to chase it. Of course, he's oblivious as to the reasoning of us not letting him chase a ball wildly across the yard. Who would've thought lol.

On with what I wanted to tell everyone about!
Today I got a nice little package through Fed-Ex and within it was this little, tiny but very cute bottle of Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers G that I had ordered.
Let me just tell you it smells absolutely fabulous, I think the best description I could give it is, truly yummy! Of course I tried it out the second that I received it, and made Billy smell it as well lol (he better be glad I didn't actually spray him with it as well) he loved it! On me anyways, I don't think he would've liked it as much on him ;)
I actually went online to check on their site, just what all exactly is in this eau de toilette spray, because all that kept coming to my mind was Pina Colada lol. Not quite as sweet as one, but really really close! Hmmm so yummy!!
This is what I did find about this particular scent:
Harajuku Lovers ‘G’ perfume is a food lover’s fragrance with mandarin, coconut, apple, freesia and sandalwood
I think that description is right on, I must be more of a food lover than I thought!
So now, even hours later I constantly find myself smelling my wrists lol, which is the first place on me that I tried the spray out earlier. I guess as long as I don't start chewing on myself due to the yummy smell, I'll be ok!
If you're looking for a new, unique and absolutely yummy scent, than I would definitely recommend you give one of the Gwen Stefani Lover collection perfumes a try!

I bought this product on my own, it was not send for a review, this is simply my own honest opinion about it!

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Beetlejuice! said...

I still wish you would of given it to me. Meanie!!