Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sodastream Review & Giveaway OVER!!

As some of you know, I am a huge soda lover. One soda in particular, Red Bull lol. Yes, I absolutely love the taste as well as the boost that it gives me. Which brings me to the fact, that I definitely spend way too much money on the one previous mentioned soda lol. We all know soda as well as seltzer water can get expensive, but when you're talking about energy drinks, that brings it to a whole new level lol.

Recently I was given the opportunity to test out a Sodastream Fountain Jet! When I first opened the package I have to say I was a little intimitated by the 110 Liter Carbonator.
The picture doesn't really quite do it the justice it needs lol. It looks a lot bigger in person :)
It only took me a couple of seconds though, to be completely comfortable as well as knowledgeable about the way it works. During the initial set-up all you have to do is remove the valve seal and cap from the Carbonator bottle and screw it tightly (but without tools!) into the back of the Fountain Jet. That's it! The unit is ready to go! No electricity or anything, I'm not sure why in the world I was so sure I would need to clear off counter space for the Fountain Jet, to get it close to one of my electrical outlets, but yeah, no need for that! This of course brings me to the fact of just how green the Fountain Jet is. By not using electricity you're already helping with reducing the carbon footprint! The fact of how many cans you'd keep from using as well as having to carry them home from the store, which is a big plus in my eyes lol.
All you need now is your water, be that tap water or filtered water that you keep in the fridge, and some flavor!

I was lucky enough to be able to try quite an array of the Sodastream flavors, they have over 25 regular, diet, energy and caffeine-free flavors.
Each of their 500ml soda mixes makes the equivalent of 12 liters of soda!
Also all of their regular soda mixes contain no high fructose syrup and their diet soda mixes are aspartame free!
They also have natural MyWater flavor essences which are unsweetened and contain no calories.
I would tell you now to go ahead and guess which flavor I tried first, but if you've been reading along than you probably already know what my first choice was lol. You guessed right, my first flavor trial was the Energy, which you can compare with Red Bull. (Well I would compare it to that, because that has been my energy drink choice for years) The first thing you would do, is add some water to the provided carbonating bottle, (I used chilled water from the fridge) screw it into the Fountain Jet, and push the button on the top until you hear the buzz. Once you're done with that, you remove the bottle add a cap-full of your desired flavor, screw the bottle shut tight and shake it up to distribute the flavor. I have to honestly say, I was pretty happy with the flavor! I do have to also say, there's a little tweaking of the flavor as well as the carbonation involved. I actually ended up using a little less of the flavor, but a little more on the carbonation, and that made it just perfect for me! Which thinking about that, I think that right there makes the Fountain Jet even better to me. This means you can prepare your soda to your liking! Maybe you want some carbonation but not as much as some of the store bought soda, or maybe you like way more lol, same when it comes to the strength of the flavors.

The sodastream website has several different starter kits that they offer up for sale. Starter Kits range from $99.95 to $199.95. As well as Value Packs, that range from $129.95 to $249.95.
You'll be able to order these online at their website, and in some areas, you can buy the units as well as the soda mixes, carbonators and other accessories at stores in your area. Sodastream has a very convenient store locator on their site. I definitely think that the Sodastream Soda Makers will pay for themselves, if you calculate out, how much money you spend in a year on soda!

All in all, I think the Sodastream Fountain Jet is a winner in my eyes!
My pros are:
  • You're using reusable carbonating bottles, which keeps you from buying soda cans or bottles, therefor keeping them from going to the landfill. Being Green :)
  • The Sodastream Soda Makers don't use electricity. More Green :)
  • There is a large amount of flavor choices available, and the flavors are definitely comparable to name brand sodas.
  • You don't have to lug countless numbers of sodas from the store to your house!
  • The Soda Makers are extremely easy to use.
  • It is absolutely portable, use it in your house, camp, garage, on your boat, while out camping or any other place you think you would like a fresh soda!
My cons are:
  • The only con that I can come up with is that the particular carbonating bottles that came with my soda fountain are not Dishwasher safe. (so yes, I would suggest to invest in a bottle cleaning brush, going to get me one soon lol)

Now for the fun part!
The great people at Sodastream have decided to let me host a giveaway sponsored by them, for:

A fountain Jet Soda Lover's Start-Up Kit (ARV $ 100)!!!
  • This includes your choice of Black/Silver, Red/Silver or White Fountain Jet.
  • CO2 to make over 100 Liters of soda
  • 2 reusable carbonating bottles
  • A sample pack of flavors
  • 3 Full sized flavors of your choice!

  1. Visit Sodastream and tell me which 3 flavors and which Fountain Jet color option you would choose if you were chosen as the winner. (This is mandatory, all extra entries will not be counted if you do not do this.)
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This giveaway will end on Saturday September 19th, @ 11:59am CT.
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The winner will have 48 hours to respond, or the prize will be forfeited and another winner will be chosen.

This giveaway is open to the Continental US and Canada. 18+ only.

Now most of all, just have fun!!!
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