Saturday, May 16, 2009

How lucky is your bamboo?

Ok, yet again, so I know i've missed just about all of April, well who are we kidding, i did miss all of April lol. With good reasons though. Not too many that i want to divulge into, but lets leave it we've had two deaths in the family between march and now so, it's been to say the least a bit hectic and crazy around here.
Though for my readers, on to happier and well luckier thoughts.
Truly, how lucky is your lucky bamboo? Today my husband and i went to Lowe's looking for cheap medium sized plastic pots, so that i could re pot some of the seedlings I've been growing. Imagine that, the pots i was looking for i did not find at Lowe's. So maybe and hopefully over the next few days i will find them at Wal-mart or a place alike. I don't want any great expensive good looking pots, because it's for plants like bell peppers, jalapenos and tomato plants, which will be re potted again. Anyways lmao, to make a long story short, which i never seem to be able too, when we went to Lowe's today, i came across some lucky bamboo. I right away told my husband, see now honey, this is what we need, this will turn it all around for me, and i will find my lucky streak again :)
So yes of course, he did buy me a lucky bamboo arrangement. It's nothing extravagant, but it's something that we actually could afford on our unemployment check at the moment lol. Maybe this will turn it around for me, maybe i will win that big ol' money win or hey maybe i'll even win that small useful small win lol. Hopefully in the next couple of days i can get a better picture of it, and better yet, maybe over the next couple of weeks i can actually manage to keep this plant alive ;)
I am not the most superstitious person, but i do hope this might help a little lol. So how has the lucky bamboo or money tree, or whatever it is for you, changed your bad luck streak?