Sunday, March 15, 2009


So I did think about this one thing to talk about ;) I hate to admit, but I am a huge Twilight Fan! The books, all four so far, the movie, just everything Cullen lol. Yeah, yeah I know I'm an adult and this is suppose to be for teens, but hey, I just can't lie about it. Growing up I was always a huge fan of the vampire series books by Anne Rice, actually any and all of her books. Have the collections to prove it lol. Then came the tv show Angel, though i wasn't as big on that one at first, it kind of grew on me. Now there's the show Moonlight, and here we go with of course Twilight, and all of the Stepanie Meyer books. So what are some of your not so proud of or hidden books, shows and movies? I probably have way too many to type out on here, but Twilight would be the main one for me. Ok, come on and tell me! I wanna know which shows/ movies you watch or books you read, that you don't tell people about!


Moe said...

I can't believe how many adults like the Twilight series. It's a good thing because I like it too. LOL

I never thought I would get into them. I just read them because my SIL wanted to.

They are well done. I would say they are kind of chic lit-ish but better.

prplrush said...

I am so glad, i'm not the only one lol. There i thought there would be more ppl like me, but than again, there aren't very many readers for my blog yet lol. I can't wait for the second movie, just for the fact that this one they actually have a budget for!!