Friday, July 31, 2009

1751! OMG, you have got to be kidding me!

No I'm not talking about the time 17:51 right now. Or the amount of visible stars at night, nor the number of songs on my iPod.
No, I'm talking about the number of emails that I just came to when I opened my windows live Mail. Seriously, I mean do spammers really have nothing better to do all day, than to look throughout the internet and gather a bunch of email addresses just so that they can plague us with this ridiculous amount of junk mail?? Well obviously not lol! I am certain there's at least 30 or so important emails or well emails from real people anyways :) So that only leaves me around oh let's say 1720 give or take 100 or so to weed through lol! Not really complaining or anything here, hell who are we kidding, YES I am complaining. And what a joke it is to block said spammers from your email account, it's not like they ever actually send anything from the same email twice :) (insert my rolling eye smiley here again!)
I think I will just wait until tomorrow or Sunday to go through that un****believeable amount of emails, than again, at which point it will probably have doubled or tripled.
I would love to use my spam control, but of course it seems to only weed out the real emails, none of the spam ones, so I've simply given up on it, and turned it off, in case anyone wondered, yes i did have one lol. What are you using for spam control? If so is it any good? I sure would love to get a good reliable anti spam program!


frvetere said...'s that dang sweeping! hee hee--I have no spam blocker on, I just search "won" and "winner" and anyone I want to hear from, and mass delete all others.....not sure if htis would help ya' but I thought I'd try :)

prplrush said...

lol yes it is!! And that does help. But the other day i came across a winning email, that had none of the main words lol, no winning, winner won or even congrat in it lol. It simply said we, me and the other 4 that the email went out to were chosen to receive the dvd. Like they can't just make it simple for us and give a straight congrats or something to help us weed 'em out lol.
Thank you for your pointers and good luck in sweeping! ;)