Sunday, November 22, 2009

Update on Diago

I have a quick update on Diago, for all of you that where wondering/ worried about him. He had his vet appointment on Friday, and everything went as planned. He did really well, and according to our vet, he even behaved for them lol. Up until about an hour or so before we came and got him, at which point he started getting louder and louder, he was simply ready to be out of the kennel and back at home lol. Well even though I said everything went as planned, there was one "little" mishap that happened. At some point while he was in the kennel, he started chewing on the metal door and as obsessive as he gets about things like that, he didn't stop chewing the door until he broke off his bottom right K9 tooth! It's not completely gone, it broke off about 3/4 of the way though, so now he looks quite a bit uneven when he smiles ;) The vet told us, he shouldn't have a problem with the broken tooth, but to keep an eye on it. If he stops eating or starts acting strange, they told us to bring him back and they will do something about it.
So, aside from the tooth issue, since we've brought him home everything has been good so far. We of course haven't let him around Titus, but on a bright note, he also hasn't tried searching him out, which has been one of his habits for the past month or so. On Saturday, the day after, he was pretty much right back to his usual self. He hasn't acted like he's been in any pain, or anything else unusual. We're pretty hopeful about getting him fixed, and do hope it'll make a difference.
Oh, before I forget, our vet did remark on his stubbornness, aside from the broken tooth, it also took them a little over an hour, before the anesthetic finally kicked in with him. They said, so far, he's been the first dog, that they've seen that literally fought falling asleep for that long lol. Every time they thought he was about to go out, he'd pop his head right back up and look at everyone, all wide eyed.
That's it for now lol. Wish us luck with his attitude problem lol, I'm really hopeful that this will work ;)